Send us an enquiry form (here) with your information and the type of vehicle(s) you are looking for.   We will search the Japanese auction sites and send you any information which matches the type of vehicle(s) you are looking for. Alternatively, you can request to purchase an auction login (for 2,000yen) and search the auction sites yourself (please note the login does not allow you to bid on vehicles).   Once you have agreed on the vehicle(s), any options, and the total price, we will send you an invoice and purchase agreement by email.  

  Please transfer the total amount to our bank account within 48 hours. Then please send us proof of payment by email.   After we receive the vehicle(s), we will check and clean (and repair, customize if requested/necessary) it/them.       

  When all payment has been confirmed, we will arrange the shipping schedule for delivery of your vehicle(s). Once the vehicle is shipped (by ocean vessel), we will send all relevant documents to you via DHL. After the vessel arrives, and the vehicle(s) clear customs, you will receive your vehicle at the agreed destination.          

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